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And don’t forget the King Hing Building which is a one-room brothel. Start at 250 HKD for Mainland Chinese up to 700 HKD for a Hong Kong girl. If you’re looking for a girlfriend with benefits, I wrote about how to find a sugar baby in Hong Kong with the least effort. Companions can have their age and photos verified by Smooci’s 24/7 support staff. Premium clients can search offline escorts and set alerts, notifying when an escort is next available to contact. Unique algorithm based on requests patterns checks help us determine which ratings and reviews are genuine, and remove fake and suspicious feedback.
Her room, like most one-woman walk-up brothels, is spartan in the extreme – TV, shower, bed, god-awful neon lighting, and a few knick knacks, nighties, and assorted bottles of lube and boxes of condoms. She knows Sex141 well, as do all girls in her trade, she assures us. She’s a huge fan of the site, and says she’s seen a 75 per cent uptick in her business since she signed up about four months ago. Within the forums there is a complicated hierarchy designed to encourage maximal contribution for community benefit. Users are awarded “karma points” when they post a review or add a comment to a discussion that other users find valuable or enjoyable. The more karma they earn, the higher their “reading access” (aka “RA”) and official title.
I mean, is getting some extras with a masseuse at a massage parlor illegal? There is only one woman in the room with you, but there are probably several on the premises. There are plenty of middle aged guys in the Wanchai bars and at the walk ups across Hong Kong. There are Secrethostess at most all venues around the world in fact and it’s especially common to see middle aged guys walking with younger women throughout most of Asia. Since money is the motivator in these situations it doesn’t matter much anyway.
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